2016 International Symposium · Art&Design Invitational Exhibition<Xian. China> Guideline

by art-design posted Jun 15, 2016


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An Invitation to the 3rd International Silk Road Festival of PRC


- 2016 The Korea Association of Art&Design · Society of Art&Design

International Symposium · Art&Design Invitational Exhibition<Xian. China>-


■ Theme

 <21C Silk Road, New Human Civilization and Globalization of Art&Design / Art&Design in the Age of ConvergenceⅡ>


■ Purpose

 ‘2016 International Art&Design Invitation Exhibition’ is the fourth international exhibition organized by the Korea Association of Art&Design. We actively support creative artists with intellect and courage who play a leading role, constantly acting to open a door to global cultural exchanges through international academic researches and exhibitions. In particular, the exhibition is an international festival upon invitation to the international silk road art festival organized by the PRC Government, which is meaningful in that it opens a global era of art and design.


■ Organized & Sponsored by

∘ Organized by : The Ministry of Culture, PRC / The People's Government of Xian

∘ Sponsored by : The Korea Association of Art&Design / The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Xian / The Arts College of Xi'an University of Architecture, Science and Technology


■ Schedule & Location

∘ Schedule : International Art & Design Exhibition - 2016.09.07(Wed)~21(Wed)

                 International Symposium - 2016.09.08(Thurs)

∘ Location : International Art & Design Exhibition - Art Museum of the Arts College of Xi'an University of Architecture, Science and Technology

                International Symposium - The Arts College of Xi'an University of Architecture, Science and Technology


■ Main Schedule of the International Symposium

06.15(Wed) ~ 08.12(Fri)

┃ Application of the international symposium papers and application form


┃ Official notification of the result (Refer to the homepage notice)


■ Schedule of the International Art&Design Invitation Exhibition


┃ Submission of the exhibition application & entry images

07.30(Sat; planned)

┃ Editing of the exhibition booklet completed


┃ Printing of the exhibition booklet completed, printing of poster and panel work 



┃ Bringing in the works: 1:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM


┃ Displaying at the exhibition hall: By 1:00 PM(local time)


┃ Exhibition period


┃ Opening ceremony of the international exhibition & opening of the international 

    symposium(9:00 AM~6:00 PM)


┃ Bringing out the works(10:00 AM~12:00 PM)


■ Application Fee (Payment by 07.20(Wed))

Application Type

Full Member

Entrance Fee of 2016 International Symposium

Oral presentation

(main author)

80,000 won

(fee for publication in the academic journal included)

Poster presentation

(main author)

100,000 won

(panel production cost included (20,000 won))


30,000 won per author, including the main author

Application Fee of 2016 International Art&Design Invitation Exhibition

Real-size works

120,000 won


120,000 won

(fee for panel production (20,000 won included)











* Account for Deposit: Kookmin Bank 055201-04-167085 (Account holder: The Korea Association of Art&Design)


■ Qualification for the Application

∘ Only the full member of the Korea Association of Art&Design can participate in the exhibition and symposium.(A person who has not paid the annual membership fee should pay the fee for participation.)

∘ Only the members who have paid the annual membership and application fees will be the candidates for selection, so please be aware that those that have not paid the application fee will be excluded.

∘ There is no fee for examination of the symposium presentation papers.


■ Benefits of the Participating Authors

∘ Providing 1 copy of the certificate on participation of the international symposium/international art&design exhibition, academic journal and exhibition booklet (When additional copies are needed, contact our office)

∘ Offering an opportunity to meet scholars and authors from around 40 countries

∘ Issuing an invitation for those wishing to participate in Xian, China and planning to provide a guide for tours

∘ Excellence awards of symposium presentation/exhibition work by area


[2015 Awards]


Presented by

University/Institute (Country)

Title of the Presentation

Excellence Award of Symposium Presentation



Sripatum University

Painting with Milgram Aspect: Comparative Studies in Two Cities – Bangkok & Taipei

Kim Yeong-Chool, Choi Hyeon-Min

Hanmi Gemological Institute, Laboratory

Natural Diamond Color & Color Change Method

Jeong Gwang-Yong, Lee Hyeon-Sang, Baik Ji-Seon, Gang Min-Jeong

Korea National University of Cultural Heritage/ Chungnam Institute of History and Culture

Restoration of the Seven-Branched Sword (Chiljido) of Baekjae

Lee Gyu-Hong

Kookmin University

The World of Architectural Glass Artist, Ed Carpenter's Works

Excellence Award of Exhibition Work

Collection of works

(in base paper)





Burapha University

Scented Ceramics

Zhu Shang Xi



Jing Yu Min



Kim Dong-Gui

Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology

Rainbow-Colored Wooden Tea Table

Han Eun-Ju

Hanyang University

Moonlight Casting Over

Ko Jeong-Wook

Dongseo University

Consecutive object

Lee Mi-Rang

Dong-a University

Vibration of Logos 1001

Andrej Smolak



Delphine Manet



Ivan Ninov



So Byeong-Guen




Excellence Award of Paper

Son Wan-Ho

Keimyung College University

A Study on Semiotic Meaning of Formative Expression Presented in Korean Traditional Furniture



■ Application Form: 2016 KAAD International Symposium · Art&Design Invitational Exhibition.docx